Captain Yamato and Graduation Day! / Captain Yamato's First Day of School!

Season 1 , Episode 52

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Aired 03/26/2013
The final battle against Sasuke is now. Lady Tsunade tasks Lee's team with an S-Ranked mission: Prepare a cherry blossom viewing party.
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Aired 03/19/2013
Lee wants be an adult like his sensei, and he gets the chance when Guy turns into a baby after drinking a youth-restoring potion. When Lee overhears Lady Tsunade mutter something about being lonely, he sets her up on an arranged marriage interview…with the Raikage!
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Aired 03/12/2013
It's the day before White Day, and a sinister trio of villains has ruined the village supply of sweets. It's been quite a few days since the Leaf Doll's Festival ended, but some prankster keeps putting the dolls back out every night.
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Aired 03/05/2013
Lee, Tenten, and Sai, led by Captain Yamato, embark on a mission to recover a stolen scroll. Orochimaru creates a virus that turns humans into Oro-Zombies, and it's up to Lee to stop him.
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Aired 02/26/2013
Kiba enlists Hinata and the girls to find Akamaru some canine companions. Lee and his team run into Sasuke on their way back from a mission, and Lee takes it upon himself to bring the rogue ninja back home.
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Aired 02/19/2013
Jiraiya trains Lee, Naruto, and Konohamaru. Tsunade takes Sakura and the girls to the hot springs. Chaos ensues.
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Aired 02/12/2013
When the freezing cold leaves Lady Tsunade feeling down, the village organizes a snow sculpting contest to cheer her up. It's Valentine's Day, and Lee would give anything for a girl to give him some chocolates.
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Aired 02/05/2013
Lee's team gets to play the ogres for the annual Setsubun festival, but Orochimaru schemes to ruin the fun. When they hear the Raikage is being targeted by criminals, Lee and his friends have to team up with Killer Bee to protect the Hidden Cloud!
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Aired 01/29/2013
When the team gets assigned to infiltrate an illegal chakra-trading ring, Lee goes to Sai for advice on how to blend in with the crowd. A nefarious neer-do-well keeps leaving the village bathrooms a filthy disgusting mess, so Tsunade appoints Lee's team as guards...