Kristy & Jamison

Season 6 , Episode 2

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Aired Yesterday at 5:00 AM
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Season 6, Episode 1
Aired 12/12/2014
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Aired 03/24/2008
Bridget Kelly is raped, shot three times, and left for dead by an intruder in her home; Daryl is caught in a freak blizzard that threatens to bury him alive in his jeep; and two boys, Ryan and John, survive a plane crash and maintain cell phone contact with a 911 operator as rescuers desperately try to find them.
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Aired 03/31/2008
Brandi and her friend, Liz, offer a ride to man who turns on them, stabbing Liz repeatedly and beating Brandi and then throwing her into a river. Joseph and two other men are stranded on a rocky, barren island for 13 days. And Sam and Suzanne are kidnapped by a hitchhiker who forces them to drive several hundred miles at gunpoint.
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Aired 04/07/2008
Christine's and Heidi's trip on a Greek ferry becomes a nightmare when the boat begins to sink and the crew abandons the ship, leaving the panicked passengers to fend for themselves. Debbie suffers a five-day ordeal at the hands of an attacker, who keeps her blindfolded and gagged, rapes her, and forces her to sleep next to him. And a simple act of kindness results in a vicious assault for Jim when he is brutally attacked in his apartment by his neighbor after inviting the young man into his home to chat.
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Aired 04/14/2008
Lonnie plays dead for four agonizing hours after her boyfriend chokes her and shoots her four times in the head. Rulon, a super-strong Olympic wrestler, gets stuck in a semi-frozen stream when he goes snowmobiling and faces a big decision -- should he wait to be rescued or submerge himself in the freezing water to save his snowmobile and find a way out? And when a wise-cracking federal prosecutor is abducted by men with machine guns, he uses his unique talents and personality to show rapport with his captors in hopes they'll release him.
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Aired 04/21/2008
When Dollar Store manager Denise is savagely attacked by robbers, one thing keeps her alive -- her determination to make sure that her father would not have to attend her funeral. Nick, a former Marine, is put to the survival test when he's stranded on a mountain in a snow blizzard with no cell phone, no food, and no winter clothing. And Leonilda must quickly think of a way to escape when her boyfriend forces her into his car at gunpoint, and tells her he's going to shoot her and dump her body in the river.
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Aired 04/28/2008
Maria feared for her safety as one of her fellow employees at the hospital where she worked became increasingly volatile. She managed to get him fired, but a couple of months later, he burst into her office with a gun, shooting her and killing her colleague. Jerry swerved his car to avoid a deer and crashed over an embankment where a tree branch became lodged in his throat. Barely alive, he survived two days in the ravine until he finally he managed to drag himself to the road's edge where he was spotted and saved. Melissa and her two-year-old daughter were sleeping at home, when she was woken by an armed intruder. The man slashed and sexually assaulted her before stuffing her in the trunk of her car. He then drove around for hours, picked up his friends and assaulted her again. Finally he left the car, leaving a terrified and blinded Melissa to drive home to her abandoned daughter.